The main focal point of the collection is World War 2 electronic equipment. Part of the collection are field telephones, mine detectors, transceivers, measuring devices etc. The aim is to repair the items and complete the sets and collect information about the equipment and the use of the equipment. Using this website we hope to share this information and experience.


These days technologie is developing faster and faster. During the Second World War big advances were made with electronic equipment. Besides collecting equipment and information we share this by participating in activities. We show the equipment used during the war. Besides this we can host activities using communication equipment so adults and children can experience the diffiiculties of communication during the war. Examples of activities are:
- Working with fieldtelephones
- Working Wireless Set 19 (tank radio)
- Sending Morse codes and working with a radio
- Signalling morse code with original signallamp
- Advice and lending/rent original World War 2 radio's

Activities from the past

Franse Slag Mars 2018
Franse Slag Mars 2017
Report about the Franse Slag Mars 2016.
Report about the Franse slag Mars 2015.